The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management’s Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program Eligibility Guidelines

If you are senior, disabled, a veteran or of low or moderate income, we strongly encourage you to apply. Homeowners without plumbing problems ARE eligible for plumbing upgrades and conservation. Information that will help reduce their water consumption and may reduce their water bill.


You are eligible if:

  • Be 18 or older
  • You are a single-family homeowner
    • The name on the water bill must match the name for proof of ownership
    • Name changes on the bill require a six-month waiting period
    • Water bill must be in the owner’s name for six months
  • Must permanently live on the property for which they are requesting assistance and the water service must legally be on
  • AND a customer of the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management,
  • AND meet the following requirements:
    • Your single-family home is a detached residence
    • You own OR are solely and legally assigned the property for repair services
    • Make consistent payments on the DWM Account during the application process
    • Have a single residential family water account with the City of Atlanta that has completed 6 billing cycles.
      • Water/sewer accounts cannot be more than 5 months past due;
      • Must have made 3 recent monthly consecutive payments from the date of the application.
    • Sign a “Release of Customer Information Authorization Form”
    • Have lived in the property for at least 6 months
    • You permanently reside at the property for repair services
    • Your home is structurally sound.
    • Your income is at or below the income listed below:
      Family Size Annual Income
      1 $41,900
      2 $47,900
      3 $53,900
      4 $59,850
      5 $64,650
      6 $69,450
      7 $74,250
      8 $79,050

You are NOT eligible if you are a renter, landlord or resident of a multifamily home OR if your home is in foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Apply for CCPRP

Please complete the application and submit all required forms and documents.