Healthy Homes

Enhancing Health and Well-Being in Homes

Connecting energy consumption and human potential

The regenerative economy recognizes people must live within balanced, living systems, and the home is the most meaningful example of humanity’s intimate reliance on a healthy, affordable built environment that optimizes human potential while minimizing environmental impact. If the built environment is not healthy, neither are any of us who live within it.

Expanding access to resource-efficient, healthy affordable housing

The Healthy and Efficient Residential Environments (HERE) program ensures that everyone has access to housing that supports their well-being.

We partner with public housing agencies, philanthropic organizations and businesses to help deliver a more equitable future through more equitable housing.

City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program (CCPRP) is a free plumbing service that helps reduce water bills by lowering overall water usage as well as improving the health and comfort of their homes.


White Paper

Energy Efficiency in the South

The economic recession, climate change concerns and rising electricity costs have motivated many states to embrace energy efficiency as a way to create new local jobs, lower energy bills, and promote environmental sustainability.

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Case Study

Lampkin Street Cottages

The Lampkin Street development of 12 modest cottages on little more than a half-acre infill site creates market solutions for diverse housing in gentrifying neighborhoods.

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