In 2018, GoodUse celebrated 10 wonderful years of water and energy savings for nonprofits, building capacity for more mission-driven work. With input from a diverse set of Advisory Committee leaders, GoodUse has generated over $10 million in nonprofit utility savings. The program’s success with metro Atlanta nonprofits has inspired Southface to adapt and expand GoodUse to service nonprofits in other regions.

Program Process

With a focus on energy and water, Southface partners with nonprofits to identify areas where cost savings can occur.

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$10 million in cumulative utility savings for all grantees.

Application & Survey

Interested nonprofits must complete the eligibility survey and application in order to be considered for the program.

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"It elevated the desire to be an environmental steward and made you feel like there was someone arming you with the tools you needed to go further.”
Aishah Pacheco

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