Professional Credentials

With over 40 years of experience, Southface Institute is dedicated to helping green building industry professionals contribute to sustainable development by providing them with in-person and online training and technical expertise to help them transform their skills toward the future of sustainable building design, construction, and real estate.

Join Southface Energy Rated Homes


Southface Energy Rated Homes (SERH) is a RESNET accredited Home Energy Rating System Quality Assurance Provider that delivers the best quality assurance, intuitive HERS credential management and software solutions to enable your rating business to grow – by freeing up raters to do their job. The SERH team is a leader in energy-efficient residential construction in the Southeast, with over 90 years of combined energy modeling and quality assurance experience.

Become an EarthCraft Professional

EarthCraft is the South’s premiere green building certificate program for a variety of building and development types, including small commercial buildings, single and multifamily housing, communities and historical preservation.

EarthCraft requires all buildings to be constructed by a certified EarthCraft Builder and be independently field verified by a certified EarthCraft Technical Advisor who reference building materials, above-code building requirements and industry-recognized energy modeling standards.

Equipment Rental

Diagnostic testing for buildings is important for analyzing and projecting building performance, meeting third-party verified green building certifications and improving the comfort and efficiency of homes and workplaces. Southface offers an affordable rental option for your equipment needs. All rental kits include blower door and dust blaster equipment. the necessary equipment needed to complete airflow testing on buildings and HVAC distribution systems.

Equipment Calibration Field Checks

Southface offers field calibration checks on digital pressure gauges, blower door and duct leakage testing equipment manufactured by The Energy Conservatory and Retrotec. We can also provide calibration services for the carbon monoxide sensors on combustion analyzers.


Commercial Energy Code 2015 IECC & ASHRAE 90.1‐2013

Understand the scope, application and methods of demonstrating compliance with IECC 2015 and ASHRAE 90.1‐2013 in commercial buildings.

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Assessment Toolkit

Southface Small Commercial Combustion Assessment Workbook – Blank

Created using industry procedures*, this combustion appliance assessment tool is intended to help an assessor: perform calculations and testing associated with combustion equipment, and determine the relative safeness of the installed combustion equipment with respect to the building occupants’ breathing …

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Building Science 101

A guide to understanding a systems approach to building better homes and giving customers what they want. Knowledge of building science can help you improve building performance and meet homebuyers’ needs in terms of the comfort, durability and energy efficiency …

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Assessment Toolkit

Southface Weighted Avg Calculator (U and SHGC)

Weighted Average Calculator: U Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

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