BPI Building Analyst Professional

The BPI Building Analyst Professional course is a comprehensive 4-day training which covers many topics including: fundamentals of building science; home assessment; energy modeling and work scope development; and the use of diagnostic equipment including Blower Door, Duct Leakage Tester, Pressure Pan, Exhaust Fan Flow Meter and Combustion Safety Testing equipment.  This training has been approved by BPI for 8 BPI Continuing Education Units.

This training prepares students to challenge the written and field examinations required to achieve the BPI Building Analyst Professional Certification.  To achieve the BPI Building Analyst Professional Certification, a student must receive a passing score on both the written and field examinations. If you are interested in challenging the examinations, please contact courses@southface.org.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) classifies the Building Analyst Professional Certification as a Skilled Building Performance Certification. This credential is intended for professionals with proven knowledge, skills and abilities to perform comprehensive whole-home assessments to optimize comfort, durability, and performance by identifying problems at the root cause and prescribing prioritized solutions based on building science.

BPI also offers Advanced Building Performance Certifications. Students with advanced skills and experience may wish to consider Southface’s Home Energy Professional (HEP) certification training courses. Please note that BPI HEP certifications require proof of industry experience and approval from BPI prior to challenging the certification exams.

Please note that for this course, the costs of written and field exams are NOT included in the price and must be paid for and scheduled separately. This training has been approved for 8 BPI Continuing Education Units.


After successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to perform comprehensive whole-home energy assessments, employ advanced diagnostic testing techniques, evaluate building systems performance, diagnose problems, and provide cost-effective solutions that increase energy efficiency and improve the health and safety qualities of the home.

Training Includes

  • Twenty-four hours of classroom/lab training by certified BPI Professionals
  • Access to Math Basics and Building Science online learning modules
  • Interactive hands-on activities in a state-of-the-art weatherization training center containing demonstration equipment and two demonstration cabins
  • Blower door testing
  • Ventilation fan flow testing
  • Pressure pan testing
  • Combustion safety testing


  • Since this course covers a wealth of material in a limited time, we recommend that students familiarize themselves with basic mathematics and construction terminology prior to attending the training. Students should also possess basic mathematical and computer operation skills.
  • Online Learning Modules: Basics of Building Science, Math Basics (access provided upon registration)


Additional Information

  • Program URL: www.bpi.org
  • Please note that the costs of written and field exams are NOT included in the tuition price for this course. If students register and pay for the exams, there will be an opportunity during the afternoon of day-4 to challenge one written exam of the student’s choosing.
  • Field exams are NOT included during the training and must be scheduled separately.  A limited number of field exam sessions may be available the Friday following the course, pending the availability of field exam Proctors.  Please contact courses@southface.org to confirm field exam scheduling and proctor availability.