BPI Healthy Home Evaluator

The BPI Healthy Home Evaluator Study Course prepares students to identify and evaluate health-related hazards in a client’s home. This course provides opportunities for students to practice skills in interviewing residents, identifying hazards, conducting quantitative assessment, prioritizing hazards and selecting appropriate solutions to communicate to residents. Students will also learn how to protect themselves as they do home visits.

This training prepares students to challenge the written examination required to earn the BPI Healthy Home Evaluator micro-credential.


Students will learn how to apply good practices in working with residents, identify housing-related health hazards, use tools to measure hazardous conditions, prioritize hazards, and identify and communicate solutions to residents.

Training Includes

  • Twenty-one hours of classroom/lab training by certified BPI Professionals
  • Interactive hands-on activities in a state-of-the-art weatherization training center containing demonstration equipment and two demonstration cabins
  • Site visit to a home to perform a healthy home assessment


  • Because this course covers a wealth of material in a limited time, we recommend that students familiarize themselves with basic mathematics and construction terminology prior to attending the training. Students should also possess basic mathematical and computer operation skills.
  • Students must hold a BPI Building Analyst, Energy Auditor or Quality Control Inspector certification in order to challenge the Healthy Home Evaluator exam.


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