Fundamentals of Building Science Training

This course is designed to provide participants with a practical knowledge of basic building science principles. Students are introduced to the “house as a system” model for assessing and improving building performance, as well as the fundamentals of heat, air, and moisture flow as it relates to buildings.

If you’re new to the industry or a homeowner that wants to understand how to optimize your energy savings, this training will teach you what to look for. Learn about the science behind high performance buildings and how they apply to your home.


  • Recognize the basic principles of building science as they relate to heat, air, and moisture movement in a building
  • Examine the multiple components of the building envelope and how they interact with each other to produce an efficient system
  • Recognize the potential for interaction among building components and mechanical systems
  • Understand how energy efficiency improvements affect indoor air quality in homes and how improving your home’s efficiency can improve your health



  • 8 AIA LU, 3.5 BPI CEUs, 0.8 ICC CEUs


Training Includes

  • 8 hours of classroom/lab training by certified BPI Professionals
  • Training is conducted in a green building with day lighting
  • Interactive hands-on activities in a state-of-the-art weatherization training center containing demonstration equipment and two demonstration cabins
  • Blower door, pressure pan & pressure differential diagnostic testing




Additional Information

  • This is a one-day training from 9am – 5pm with lunch provided