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Our Story

For over 40 years, Southface Institute has been a leader in the research, design and implementation of a regenerative economy for the Southeast, one that gives back more than it uses. The importance of creating the technologies, policies, job skills and sustainable buildings that lead to vibrant and healthy communities is why we love our work.

Southface works in collaboration with our community network of fellow nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, NGOs, universities and technical experts, implementing high-performance solutions in buildings and neighborhoods across the Southeast and beyond. In addition to the technical services we provide, our work includes educating professionals, advocating for a clean inclusive economy, supporting other nonprofits and using research to find new solutions to pressing issues in the built environment.

Mission: Southface promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance.

Vision: A regenerative economy, responsible resource use and social equity through a healthy built environment for all.

Our Story

Learn about our history, how we’ve grown and what hopes we have for building a better, healthier future for communities, workplaces and homes.

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Our Beginnings

Founded by Dennis Creech and Jeff Tiller, Southface began as an all-volunteer organization promoting solar energy production around a celebration called Sun Day, May 3, 1978. A small band of committed environmentalists continued to work together after the event, educating the public on installation of various solar technologies in a residential context. Southface went on, with Creech at the helm until 2017, to spread understanding of the important connection between energy consumption and environmental impact. With a focus on resource efficiency based in building science, Southface expanded its work to include research, education, advocacy and a host of green building services.

Our Future

As a leading innovator in sustainability work, Southface is extending its reach beyond Georgia and across the country in our research, building certification services and nonprofit grants. Most recently, we have forged a strategic partnership with the Florida House Institute in Sarasota, Florida. Southface can now amplify its long-standing Southeastern influence for a low-carbon future with a partner that shares our vision for a regenerative economy. This joining of forces brings the best of each organization to bear on environmental challenges and opportunities in Georgia, Southwest Florida and beyond, allowing Southface to act as a local yet regional partner.

Our Commitment

Today, Southface builds on its tradition of nonpartisan, science-based sustainability strategies through our hybrid nonprofit and fee-for-service platform, supporting our community work with the funds we earn from our revenue-based services. Our comprehensive reach into both the marketplace and communities lets us deliver on our commitment to the greater global need of a clean inclusive economy for everyone.

Annual Reports

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Southface Strategic Plan

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