kWh saved annually
These metrics were gathered from the past two years.

Energy-efficient improvements in homes allow many homeowners and tenants to afford their energy bills and budget their income for other needed expenses.

Homes improved
These metrics were gathered from the past two years.

Southface has impacted thousands of homes through resource efficiency improvements in multifamily and single-family homes.

Gallons of water conserved
These metrics were gathered from the past two years.

Water-efficient upgrades and plumbing repairs have saved homeowners and tenants significant amounts of water use, while saving money on costly repairs and high utility bills.

Southface got its beginnings educating homeowners on the possibilities of solar in 1978. Now, via initiatives such as LIFT Solar, CCPRP and high-performance building certifications such as EarthCraft House and EarthCraft Multifamily,  Southface can help single-family residents, landlords and developers achieve resource efficiency.

Case Studies

Greenstone on Fifth

Greenstone on Fifth Community Building at Blue Ridge Apartments in Charlottesville, Virginia is a 3,531 square foot, two-story commercial building that was certified in the EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC) green building program in 2014. Greenstone on Fifth partnered with Southface to analyze building design and performance and identify areas for improvement through the U.S. Department …

Asbury Harris Epworth Towers

Ashbury Harris Epworth Towers is a senior living retirement community and part of Wesley Woods Senior Living, which owns or operates ten communities throughout north Georgia. Ashbury Harris Epworth Towers (AHET) located in southwest Atlanta, has provided high-quality housing since 1971 and was the first of the Wesley Woods communities to implement sustainable practices in …

A Friend’s House

A Friend’s House is a 25,285 square foot lodging facility in McDonough, GA that implemented several energy conservation measures in 2014 through the Grants to Green program. A Friend’s House partnered with Southface to analyze building performance before and after retrofit implementation through the U.S. Department of Energy sponsored Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative. Actual building …

Imperial Hotel

Atlanta’s historic Imperial Hotel, one of the city’s few remaining Chicago style buildings constructed around the turn of the century, recently reopened as The Commons at Imperial Hotel, featuring 90 units serving low and moderate income residents, many of whom have special needs. Over the course of a year, Southface worked with the building’s developers, …

Proud Green Home

This EarthCraft Platinum home was built by the Imery Group, LLC and designed by LG Squared, Inc. It recieved marketing exposure via, and is located within the Serenbe Community. Serenbe is a beautiful, sustainably designed, and walkable neighborhood in the city of Chatahoochee Hills, Georgia. This is a net-zero home, meaning that it produces …

Program Spotlight

Earthcraft Table-Talk: Homeowners Kondrad Hayashi and Jannah Goodell speak about their Earthcraft house and all of the benefits they’ve received.

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2020 Guía de Campo Residential 2020

Esta guía tiene por objeto ayudar a explicar la parte residencial del Código de energía de Georgia 2020 y no necesariamente incluye todos los aspectos y detalles. Esta guía está organizada por componente de construcción e intenta recopilar toda la …

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Building Science 101

A guide to understanding a systems approach to building better homes and giving customers what they want. Knowledge of building science can help you improve building performance and meet homebuyers’ needs in terms of the comfort, durability and energy efficiency …

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