Communities impacted
These metrics were gathered from the past two years.

Cities across the United States and over 100 Neighborhood Planning Units in Atlanta have been impacted by Southface’s programs and services.

Economic Mobility Created
These metrics were gathered from the past two years.

Resource-efficient upgrades help property owners, tenants and homeowners save money from day one on utility bills and operations and maintenance costs.

Gallons of stormwater diverted
These metrics were gathered from the past two years.

Urban stormwater management poses challenges to the economic, health and environmental resilience of downstream communities.

We don’t believe that a healthy built environment ends outside the building itself. Southface integrates green technologies, certification programs and community needs assessments to collaborate on equitable visions for communities at any scale. From large cities to university campuses to small towns, Southface experts can guide your project through certification, design, or planning with an expert eye for sustainable community development.

Case Studies

West LaFayette Transformation Plan

The West LaFayette Transformation Plan was created to help the LaFayette community capitalize on investments in housing that are currently being implemented. The Southface team collaborated with local officials and partners to engage the community to develop a shared transformation vision and plan. The current state of West LaFayette and recommendations for change were discussed …

Harmony Greene Apartments

Harmony Greene is a low impact development situated in a sensitive coastal environment, and uses the latest building technology to achieve sustainable outcomes. Through non-traditional storm water management practices, the project significantly exceeds regulatory requirements and is compliant with coastal Green Growth Guidelines and the Coast Stormwater Supplement. The housing is also highly energy efficient, …

Piedmont Newnan Hospital

Piedmont Newnan Hospital is recognized for its high-quality, comprehensive healthcare, receiving the Women’s Choice Award as one of America’s Best Hospitals for Patient Safety. Through Southface’s GoodUse (formerly Grants to Green) program, Piedmont Newnan Hospital also gained LEED certification, an internationally recognized program that verifies that a building’s materials and systems are environmentally sustainable. It …

City of Decatur High Performance Building Standard

Making homes and businesses more efficient is a great way to cut energy consumption and reduce our impact on the environment. The city of Decatur is no stranger to these practices and in 2014 crafted a city-wide High Performance Building Standard for all residential and commercial building projects. The standard is part of the unified …

Chattahoochee Hill Country Livable Centers Initiative

Chattahoochee Hill Country is a rural community 30 miles southeast of Atlanta. Seeking to preserve their rural community while still allowing for strategic growth and economic development, Chattahoochee Hill Country Alliance and Fulton County Environment and Community Development sought a Livable Centers Initiative grant. This grant funded a community-focused planning process to provide residents the …

Atlanta International School

Atlanta International School Early Learning Center (AIS-ELC) is a 17,231 square foot, two-story pre-school that was certified in the EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC) green building certification program. The school partnered with Southface to analyze building design and performance through the U.S. Department of Energy sponsored Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative. Actual performance data of AIS – …

EarthCraft Awards 2017

Located in the heart of Decatur, Georgia, Adams Street is a stellar example of high performance and energy efficiency in a residential application. Built by Seville Consulting, this single-family home was awarded the 2017 Decatur Design Award for Historic Preservation. Nearly the entire home is built with Zip System’s wall sheathing, providing an effective and …

Greenprint Midtown Sustainability Action Plan 2012

The Greenprint Midtown sustainability action plan was created to spur actions that further enhanced Midtown’s development as one of the nation’s most livable, innovative, economically successful and sustainable communities. This plan added a green lens to Midtown Alliance’s existing programs and identified new opportunities to increase its sustainability. The report examined five impact areas—energy, water, …

Emory Point Development

All commercial spaces are certified as EarthCraft Light Commercial Ready with ENERGY STAR® qualified Cool Roof Systems and innovative and efficient irrigation.

Program Spotlight

The Atlanta Culture Resilience Environment Workforce (CREW) helps to address flooding challenges in Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods and communities.

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Atlanta CREW One Sheet

In the City of Atlanta, one inch of rainfall can generate as much as 640 million gallons of stormwater runoff, water that damages homes, businesses and the environment.

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Solar for Georgia Nonprofits

In 2015, Southface launched its Solar for Georgia’s Underserved Markets initiative. Through this initiative Southface seeks to facilitate the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on nonprofits and communities of faith (collectively referred to herein as “nonprofits”), municipalities, and multifamily …

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