Our Campus

Our iconic Atlanta campus is the jewel of the organization’s educational mission. The Southface headquarters showcases more than 100 off-the-shelf technologies and design techniques that make our space one of the most sustainable in the region and a living demonstration of how other buildings can do the same.

Our main campus facilities are set amid grounds that have been planted with native and drought-tolerant species and include mature trees, as well as an organic urban garden.

The Resource Center was built as a demonstration home in 1996 and addresses key aspects of environmentally responsible construction: resource efficiency, indoor air quality and accessible design. This building was also one of the region’s first Energy Star-qualified buildings.

The Eco Office officially opened in August 2009. It is 10,100 square feet, about the same size as 74 percent of commercial buildings in the U.S., making it an ideal model for sustainable, healthy buildings everywhere. The Eco Office uses less than 50 percent of the energy of a comparable code-built facility and 84 percent less water.

Southface’s built environment and the programs it houses directly impact sustainable market transformation in the Southeast and beyond. To see it for yourself, schedule a tour today!