Innovation Through Collaboration In The Fight Against Climate Change

Climate Change

Within the reality of climate change, major themes emerge: changes to our global community health; changes in our food, water and energy systems; changes in the global economy and supply chain – the list goes on. While all of these changes do not affect everyone all of the time, as a global community, we must care about the current state of the planet because it is vital to our existence, our ability to thrive as a nation and as a species. Apart from the necessary and concrete resources that Earth provides such as shelter, food and water, it also gifts us with art, beauty and spirituality through natural wonders and landscapes. Environmental sustainability advocates have been working across sectors for years to help mitigate climate change and find adaptation strategies, but now is the time, more than ever, to come together with swift and innovative solutions to reversing the harmful human impacts to the planet.

This article was originally published on Saporta Report

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