Smart Technology for a More Sustainable Home

These days, new technology is taking sustainability a step further. Learn about the best smart devices on the market to make your home as sustainable as possible.

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The Ecosystem of a Healthy Home

Just like a rainforest or a coral reef, the interlocking systems of your home should create a healthy place to live. Learn about the essential elements to building and sustaining a healthy home ecosystem.

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Be the Gatekeeper of Your Home’s Health

You may be neglecting one major piece of the well-being puzzle: home health. Improve the purity of your home with some simple tips.

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Healthy Home Benefits 101

Many of the materials and equipment that contribute to energy efficiency also have a positive impact on indoor environments, resulting in homes that are healthy, as well as efficient.

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EarthCraft Home High-Performance Residential Certification Program

The EarthCraft standard reflects Southface's commitment to builders and industry leaders to create holistic buildings in which all systems work together for optimal performance, health, sustainability and comfort. 

Online Training

Fundamentals of Building Science

This training provides a basic overview of building science including the climate factors that affect buildings, an understanding of the thermal envelope, and the physical movement of heat, air and moisture in buildings. 

Find a Home Energy Rater near You

Home Energy Raters across the U.S. provide ratings through various tax incentive initiatives, home energy improvement assessments and green building programs.

Tour Southface Every Wednesday | Free

Offered every Wednesday at 10:00am, public tours are led by Southface fellows and show attendees the features of the Eco Office that allow it to use 50 percent less energy and 80 percent less water than traditional office building of its size.

Southface Trainings

As a Healthy Homes Training Center partner, Southface has been a leader in providing courses to builders and homeowners to learn how to mitigate and prevent potential threats to indoor health. 


Southface promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance.


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