Green on Gift: An EarthCraft Story


Green on Gift Bathroom

Abe Kruger, co-founder of the green building consulting firm SK Collaborative, decided to find out what happens when an experienced building scientist and consultant renovates his own home and publicizes every stage of the process. Abe put into practice the knowledge he’s gained over the last 12 years working as a contractor, educator and consultant in the residential construction industry, and he knew that the process would be educational for him, his project team and the industry at large. Using social media, a dedicated project blog and participation in the “Green Shortz” online video series, Abe focused on developing a project that would help people see the value in building—and marketing—a high-efficiency home. In line with the philosophy of his firm, he focused on energy and water efficiency as well as a healthy indoor environment to save money and foster a healthy lifestyle.

Read the full story and view pictures of Abe’s house in the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s Atlanta Building News magazine.

About EarthCraft
EarthCraft is a green building certification program designed to address climate, energy and water issues unique to the southeastern United States. EarthCraft serves as a blueprint for resource-efficient single-family homes, multifamily structures, renovation projects, community developments and light-commercial buildings. EarthCraft also offers a Sustainable Preservation program designed specifically for historic buildings. Founded by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface in 1999, the EarthCraft program has certified more than 40,000 homes. Learn more at

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