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"The EarthCraft program is not only a great program for building a greener and more sustainable product, but it also teaches the contractor to think outside the box and to construct a more efficient product by reducing waste of material and energy loss."

- Justin Carlton, Tower Construction

EarthCraft and other green building programs like LEED®, National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and ENERGY STAR, to name a few, offer smart solutions to maximize efficiency and comfort while reducing the overall impact to our environment. Several factors make up green building:

  • Building beyond what is required by code is a common strategy.
  • Saving energy and reducing operating costs are part of formula for paybacks to the home/property owner.
  • Building green has more resilience and durability – the builder creates a better product.
  • Quality-built green buildings have better indoor air quality and comfort levels – the building occupants have a better living environment.

Southface provides certification services for many green building programs and is a founding partner and developer of the EarthCraft certification. Our long history in green building has influenced programs nationally and regionally through our involvement with LEED®, NGBS and ENERGY STAR.

Residential Green Building programs | Residential Services 

  • EarthCraft
  • Enterprise Green Communities
  • LEED®
  • National Green Building Standard
  • Qualified Action Plan
  • HUD Green MIP Reduction

Commercial Green Building programs | Commercial Services 

  • BIT Building
  • Department of Defense (DOD) Sustainability Reporting and High-Performance Sustainability Building (HPSB)
  • EarthCraft
  • Fitwel
  • LEED®
  • Living Building Challenge



Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is a nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings. LEED® projects span commercial, residential and community scales as well as new construction and existing projects.

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The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) goes well beyond saying a home is energy efficient; it provides independent, third-party verification that a project is designed and built to achieve high performance. NGBS offers four levels of certification including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Emerald and can certify single family or multifamily renovations or new construction as well as land development projects.

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The EarthCraft green building certification program was developed by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface in 1999...

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The Opportunity for Green Affordable Housing

April is National Fair Housing Month, a perfect time to shine light on Atlanta’s affordable housing challenges. Like many cities in a rapidly urbanizing area, Atlanta’s growth and increasing desirability come at the cost of its affordable housing options. As housing prices steadily rise, the options for lower- and middle-income Atlantans become fewer. But there are promising options for attainable solutions in Atlanta’s growth—housing that is both high-performance and affordably priced.

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Bringing Sustainability to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America

For most nonprofits, any opportunity to save money is a welcome one, as those savings can be invested in work which fulfills the organization’s mission. Utility bills represent one area where nonprofits can realize big savings, as inefficient buildings and fixtures can be a large portion of an organization’s operating expenses.

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Training the Next Generation of Green Building Professionals

Over the past two years, Georgia’s construction industry has seen a 5.5 percent annual increase. As demand for green building grows in Atlanta and statewide, Southface teamed up with a west Atlanta high school to cultivate the next generation of green building professionals and prepare them for a successful, rewarding career in a growing market.

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