Grants to Green Program Wins Atlanta E3 Award


Grants to Green has been recognized for excellence again! The program won the Community Strong Award at the annual Atlanta E3 Awards on Tuesday, October 4. The Metro Atlanta Chamber’s E3 Awards honor companies, organizations and individuals working to create a sustainable future.

The Community Strong Award recognizes a nonprofit or university program that promotes collaboration and community involvement in making Metro Atlanta more sustainable.

Grants to Green is a partnership between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, The Kendeda Fund and Southface. The program shows that the benefits of thinking green aren’t a luxury, but a necessity. The program assists nonprofits in realizing substantial savings on energy and water.

By providing knowledge, technical advice and funding, Grants to Green helps nonprofits improve their buildings and structures, conserve energy and reduce utility costs. This allows them to devote these funds to achieving their mission of feeding the homeless or offering dance lessons to underserved communities.

“The E3 Awards are our opportunity to shine a spotlight on the companies, organizations and individuals who are working to enhance a clean and sustainable environment, which inevitably leads to business growth. MAC has an interest in promoting these individual efforts because they are directly impacting our region’s quality of life, economic development, and livability,” said Dave Williams, vice president of infrastructure and government affairs at the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

View the official press release to learn about the other categories and award winners here:, and to learn more about Grants to Green, visit

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