Volunteer with Southface at the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Service Project

Give a senior the gift of a resource-efficient home!

The Southface Volunteer Program is an extension of the long tradition of volunteer work being done in Decatur every MLK Jr. weekend. Each year, volunteers come together to weatherize a home of a senior in need, and we want to continue that powerful practice throughout the year with groups like yours.

For each project, Southface staff will take the time to teach volunteers what weatherization means and why it is so important. This project encourages your members to work together as a team; have fun with materials, such as caulk, mastic and spray foam; and learn how these materials can reduce utility costs. Our volunteer program supports the Southface mission to provide a healthy built environment for all by ensuring that seniors who couldn’t afford to pay for the weatherization work will stay safe and warm throughout the year.  We hope you can join us, giving your team the experience of doing good work together, while changing the life of older residents.

Please contact Catherine Slocum Somuah at csomuah@southface.org for more details.