Five Steps to a Thriving Atlanta Region


Leigh Varley contributed to this article.

Doug Hooker, executive director of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), delivered the 2015 Greenprints keynote address, “A Development Outlook for the Region,” based on recent findings from ARC research.

In his address, Doug acknowledged recent issues that have affected our region’s reputation such as the failure of the transportation referendum, cheating in our public school system and the regional struggle over access to water. He discussed the importance of a strong economy, solid infrastructure and healthy livable communities in Atlanta’s reemergence as a leading region.

Doug outlined five key steps that we must take in order to secure a healthy and vibrant future for the Atlanta region:

  • Develop more compact livable communities that are linked to transportation.
  • Expand transportation options.
  • Become better stewards of our water resources.
  • Accelerate the growth of our south metro communities.
  • Provide a better education for our region’s children.

Watch the full keynote video below to learn how we can all play an active role in creating a healthy, vibrant region for generations to come.

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