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The HERS Associate Module 1: It All Begins with Building Science

June 04, 2020

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Join us for this 5-module online course, via Zoom, Thursdays at 3:00pm EST, beginning June 4th through July 2nd. Participate in all 5 modules, take and pass the test at the end, and earn the HERS Associate Designation!

Houses are systems and understanding how the individual components interact is critical for success. This module focuses on the physics of how Heat, Air and Moisture flow, and how to use this knowledge for peak performance. Applying these principles leads to knowing how to diagnosis a building failure, comprehend a given product’s viability, optimize a system’s operation and design for all-around performance in terms of efficiency, control, comfort and health.

  • Understand the concepts of Houses = Systems
  • Grasp how Heat flows from hot to cold by conduction, convection and radiation
  • Appreciate how Air moves through holes caused by pressure differences (wind, stack, fans)
  • Value how Moisture goes from wet to dry in liquid (bulk, capillarity) or vapor (infiltration, diffusion)


Mike Barcik
Technical Prinicipal