Empowering Georgia Workforces through Green Infrastructure


Throughout Atlanta, low-income communities face disproportionate negative impacts from bad weather events. These communities are often located in areas subject to flooding, and in many areas, this phenomenon is intensified by combined sewer system overflows. Luckily, Green Infrastructure (GI) is a cost effective approach to managing stormwater runoff that emphasizes infiltration, evapotranspiration and reuse, thus reducing the volume of polluted runoff from entering our streams and pipe systems.

After months of preparation, Southface officially launched The Green Infrastructure and Resilience Institute (GIRI). GIRI recognizes the benefits of GI and provides knowledge and experience to deploy transformative GI projects throughout Metro Atlanta and in additional Georgia communities. GIRI envisions to benefit disenfranchised communities by creating opportunities for localized workforce development. The vision for GIRI workforce development is to train communities in GI, creating a workforce that can resolve issues affecting their own neighborhoods.


GI can reduce the risk of extreme flood events within communities, restore watersheds, and provide amenities such as parks and other greenspaces that positively contribute to residents’ health and well-being. GI also has aesthetic benefits and provides recreational and wildlife habitats.

Get important information for implementing green infrastructure and low impact development best practices in our GIRI training courses starting next year. The trainings include interactive student participation practicing the following skills: training, effective listening, communication, problem solving, construction scheduling, tracking and maintenance and quality control. Stay tuned for the 2018 course schedule.

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