Electric Vehicle Day


By Bailey Shea

Southface was excited to attend Capitol EV Day Thursday, January 25th to hear a number of speakers discuss Georgia’s potential to be a leader in the electric vehicle industry. Representative Allen Peake and co-sponsors Spencer Frye and Todd Jones introduced HB98, a bill which would create a $2,500 tax credit for owners of electric vehicles worth $60,000 or less.

Several key supporters of the bill spoke, including Dr. Don Panoz, Chairman and Founder of Green 4 U Technologies; Alan Shedd, representing Touchstone Energy Cooperatives; Stephanie Stuckey, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Atlanta; and Ruthie Norton, Deputy Director of Sustainability for the city of Atlanta.

An EV tax credit such as that proposed by HB98 would introduce new incentives for Georgians to own electric vehicles. The passing of the City of Atlanta’s recent “EV Ready” Ordinance in November 2017 exemplifies a push for electrification infrastructure improvements to come to the city and ultimately the state. HB98 would incentivize such positive investments in Georgia. This will ultimately lead to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, helping to provide healthier and cleaner air for all Georgians as well as bring local jobs to our state.

Representatives Peake, Jones, and Frye are leading the path to a more sustainable future for Georgia with the introduction of HB98. Southface is excited to continue supporting EV-friendly solutions for Georgia and Georgians.

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