How Innovative Technology Can Create Affordable Water

Green Technology

For many, accessing clean and affordable water is an everyday challenge. For others, the economic downturn caused by the pandemic has made it difficult to keep the water turned on.

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Why Net-Zero Homes Embrace Smart Home Technology

Green Technology

Residential housing is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, yet most homeowners do not even realize it. More time spent indoors results in higher energy bills, but what does this increase really tell us about how much energy a home consumes?

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The Untapped Power of Ocean Energy

Green Technology
Renewable Energy

In the quest for renewable energy sources, ocean currents have remained in the shadows of wind and solar power. But with global temperatures rising and innovative technology getting released, ocean power is making its way to center stage. Water flows at a slower speed than wind, but it has a more regular pattern and actually provides more energy. As interest in cleaner energy sources continues to increase, read how ocean power offers an untapped opportunity to reduce carbon and meet …

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Solve Stormwater Infrastructure With Community Financing

Increased flooding and severe weather are bringing water management problems to the top of the civic priority list. In 2015, the EPA created a model focused on community-based public-private partnerships to finance stormwater infrastructure.

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100% Solar a Growing Reality for Nonprofits

Green Building

On a hot, humid September day, dozens of students, teachers, well-wishers and project participants gathered outside The SAE School in Mableton. The occasion was to celebrate a ribbon-cutting of the school’s new solar array, an installation that puts The SAE School on its way to becoming the first 100% solar-powered school in Georgia. Its path to get there is unique, but it’s one that could soon be adopted by more schools and nonprofits in other states. The SAE School’s newly …

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Creating a Virtual Space for Southface’s Biggest Night of the Year


The 2020 Visionary Dinner gathered the nonprofit’s community of supporters with an exquisite online cooking demonstration, an inspiring message on regenerative and just placemaking and a chance to meet up with old and new friends. Every year, Southface’ Visionary Dinner brings together people who are passionate about sustainability to be inspired by innovative thought-leaders, to connect with others wanting to impact the future of the industry and enjoy exquisite meals made by top chefs. But what does all that look …

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A New Perspective on Green Architecture


How can we best prepare for the effects of a warming climate? With so many organizations focusing on reducing carbon emissions, Miami-based architects Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk share a new perspective that shifts our focus from green architecture to adaptive architecture.

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Turning to AEC Professionals to Solve the Plastic Crisis

Regenerative Design

In the past, the plastic industry has turned to recycling and consumer behavior to solve the plastics crisis. While the challenge to reduce plastic waste remains, the design and building industries’ power may have a more significant impact. AEC professionals can make choices at the beginning of the planning process to reduce plastic in the long term. AEC professionals can make a positive change toward plastic reduction in the built environment from building material selection and sustainable purchasing practices to …

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The Future of Travel Is Regenerative

Regenerative Design

Leading up to the pandemic, sustainable travel was a popular buzz word in the tourism industry. However, as many travel plans have been put on hold, regenerative travel is making its way to center stage. Instead of focusing only on how to slow environmental degradation, regeneration aims to restore what has already been lost.

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