Reduce Energy Burden with Rooftop Solar

Renewable Energy

Rooftop solar is one clean-energy solution that can help address the energy burden in low-income areas and communities of color. Research shows that most solar panels are found in majority-white communities, so even as solar use increases, not all communities can reap the cost-saving benefits on their energy bills.

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Georgia Audubon Installs Bird-Friendly Film at Southface Institute

Press Room

(ATLANTA, GA.) August 12, 2020 – Visitors to Southface Institute on Pine Street may notice some new, tiny dots adorning the glass on the building. These dots are special window treatments designed to prevent birds from flying into the windows, an all too common problem. The project was made possible thanks to a partnership between Southface and Georgia Audubon, with a grant from the Disney Conservation Fund.


The Product Lifespan in a Circular Economy

Regenerative Design

The lifespan of a product is often driven by short-term business choices, not by production abilities. From a business standpoint, it may make sense to design products that are cheap and replaceable, but this approach hinders the development of a sustainable future.

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Building Sustainably for Gen Z

Green Building

Each new generation brings new trends. Studies show that members of Generation Z (those born after 1997) are more concerned with environmental issues than previous generations. As they enter the housing market, Gen Zers are making sustainable amenities a top priority, despite possible cost increases.


Social Moves to the Forefront of ESG

When thinking about sustainability, people often refer to the environmental aspect. This is also true when thinking about the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors used to evaluate companies’ sustainability efforts.

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Growing Number of Chief Sustainability Officers

Having a chief sustainability officer has shifted from a want to a necessity. As the view of sustainability continues to evolve, so do the responsibilities of people in this role. It has evolved from an environmental focus to helping companies also think about the economic and social implications of their decisions.

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Southface Institute’s 2020 Greenprints Conference Goes Online
Event to deliver a virtual experience highlighting innovations for a more sustainable, equitable future

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Atlanta, GA – July 14, 2020 – Southface Institute’s Greenprints Conference, the Southeast’s most respected and thought-provoking forum on sustainability, has gone digital, with a one-day format, focused on building a regenerative economy across the Southeast, and an afternoon dedicated to Drawdown Georgia. The event will happen August 6.

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Providing Community Access to Fresh Food


Backyard and community gardening have become popular again, especially as people try to ensure a secure a source of food. The key to growing healthy food is having healthy soil, and “black gold” or compost is a great way of providing nutrients to help a garden grow.

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How Some Local Businesses Face Operations Amid COVID-19


Innovation, creativity, connection and flexibility are part of a successful entrepreneur’s lifeblood at any time, and they are especially necessary during times of crisis, said panelists at Southface Institute’s June Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable.

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