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The iconic Atlanta campus is the jewel of the organization’s educational mission. Southface offers guided tours to demonstrate the energy and resource efficient possibilities that the market can provide today. The Eco Office alone showcases more than 100 off the shelf technologies and design techniques that make our building one of the most sustainable in the region. The campus has grown in recent years to include a third building, in addition to the Eco Office and Resource Center. The third building, the Southface SWEET Center, is an adaptive reuse project, facing Piedmont Avenue. Since opening in October 2010 for use as a regional green building training facility, the SWEET Center has trained more than 2,700 building professionals. Our main campus facilities are set amid grounds that have been planted with native and drought-tolerant species, and include mature trees as well as an organic urban garden. | DIRECTIONS

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Zero Waste Facility

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Resource Center

The Resource Center was completed in 1996 to coincide with the Atlanta Olympics. As a demonstration home, it addresses four aspects of environmentally responsible construction: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource efficiency and accessible design. A 6,400-square-foot residential-style green building, the Resource Center was one of the region’s first ENERGY STAR qualified buildings. It conserves energy, water and natural resources, reduces waste through recycling and the use of recycled materials, and maintains a safe, healthy indoor environment. It also presents several smart ideas for designing homes to suit people with physical disabilities. Today, bedrooms have become office spaces, bonus rooms are collaboration areas, but the kitchen still serves as a place to cook and commune over food as more than 30 staff work in the Resource Center daily.


Eco Office

The Eco Office is a three-story structure with a rooftop green roof. At 10,100 square feet, it is about the same size as 74 percent of commercial buildings in the U.S., making it an ideal model for sustainable, healthy buildings everywhere. Officially opened in August 2009, the Eco Office was constructed from widely available off-the-shelf products, materials and technologies. As an energy, water, and resource conserving building, it is more energy efficient than 95 percent of comparable existing buildings according to its 2015 re-certification in the ENERGY STAR® program. Through inspired design, responsible operations and maintenance and excellent construction techniques, the Eco office uses less than 50 percent of the energy of a comparable code-built facility and 84 percent less water.

SWEET Center

The Southeast Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Training (SWEET) Center is a former diaper laundry renovated by Southface to house its growing weatherization and green building training programs. In recent years, Southface has received approval from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to offer reimbursement for nearly all SWEET Center courses to veterans of our armed forces. The SWEET Center is an example of the partnerships Southface fosters between government and private business, carrying out state and federal programs to educate and empower the workforce. Due to this direct connection to building professionals, the SWEET center is the best example of the Southface campus’ impact on market transformation. | DIRECTIONS


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