BARRY COATES, <i>Chief Officer, <br>Finance + Operations</i>
BARRY COATES, Chief Officer,
Finance + Operations
RACHAEL CONDER, <i>Program Director, <br>Strategic Initatives, Finance + Operations</i>
RACHAEL CONDER, Program Director,
Strategic Initatives, Finance + Operations
BETH EXLINE, <i>Director, Talent Acquisition +<br> Asset Management </i>
BETH EXLINE, Director, Talent Acquisition +
Asset Management
Jacob Geerlings
JACOB GEERLINGS, Database Coordinator
Finance & Operations
Stu Lipkin
STU LIPKIN, Information Technology Mgr.
Finance & Operations
RACHEL McCART, <i>Executive Administrator<br>Finance + Operations</i>
RACHEL McCART, Executive Administrator
Finance + Operations
GAEA NASH, <i>Finance Assistant<br> Finance & Operations</i>
GAEA NASH, Finance Assistant
Finance & Operations
DENNIS PALKO, <i>Senior Technical Project Mgr<br>Finance & Operations</i>
DENNIS PALKO, Senior Technical Project Mgr
Finance & Operations
SAMANTHA SHAYE, <i>Office Coordinator<br>Finance + Operations</i>
SAMANTHA SHAYE, Office Coordinator
Finance + Operations
STEPHEN WARD, <i>Facility Manager <br>Finance & Operations</i>
STEPHEN WARD, Facility Manager
Finance & Operations

Your support enables Southface to launch and lead important initiatives in several areas;
bold programs that are made possible through the generosity of our donors.


Southface promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance.


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