1978 SUN day

Over 100 volunteers organize the Georgia Sun Day rally at downtown Atlanta's Woodruff Park. The group later becomes the Georgia Solar Coalition.


A flyer advertising SUN Day's events, including a rally, seminary, and after party in Little Five points.

SUN Day featured on the April 1978 cover of the Department of Labor's Worklife.

A billboard in downtown Atlanta advertising SUN Day.

Southface co-founder Dennis Creech at the 1978 SUN Day rally in downtown Atlanta.



Henry Slack

Founder of Southface Homebuilding School

"Southface has connected people interested in green technologies, better than any other organization."

DenisHayes 270

Denis Hayes

Chair, Earthday Network

"When organizing Earth Day 1990, I made a trip to Atlanta and took MARTA out to visit Southface. Twelve years earlier, I'd chaired Sun Day -- a effor to boost the priority given to solar energy within the Carter Administration (Rosalynn had been our Honorary Chair). Southface had played an especially important role in Sun Day, in part because so many people on the Carter team had come from Atlanta. But in the intervening Reagan/Bush years, Carter's ambitious (but do-able) "20 percent solar by the year 2000" goal had been abandoned. Or rather, crushed. Many of the Sun Day groups from 1978 had simply withered away and disappeared. So I was thrilled and delighted to find Southface still prospering in 1990, and serving as an emblem of smart energy for the whole Southeast."

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