SART: 2014 Environmental Legislative Update


Left-right: Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, GreenLaw (moderator); Kevin Kelly, Partner, Kirkwood & Kelly Consulting; John Sibley - Senior Policy Fellow, Southface

Leigh Varley contributed to this article.

What you can expect from the legislature this year in the wake of the Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative, the end of a drought and the failure of the Transportation Investment Act? Join us to discuss the environmental issues that will be considered during the 2014 Georgia Legislative Session and learn how you can influence your elected officials on issues such as energy, water and transportation in the new year.

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Moderator: Stephanie Stuckey Benfield – Executive Director, GreenLaw
Panelist: Kevin Kelly – Partner, Kirkwood & Kelly Consulting and former Water Resources Director for the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA)
Panelist: John Sibley – Senior Policy Fellow, Southface

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