Southface Board Member Leads Vets’ Initiative for American Bar Association

Linda Klein, President of the American Bar Association and Southface Board Member.

Linda Klein, President of the American Bar Association and Southface Board Member.

Linda Klein, long time member of the Southface board and past chair, is assuming the presidency of the American Bar Association next week. In and of itself, her appointment is something to be proud of, but her agenda is something further to be excited about as her term begins. Linda is developing a program to provide legal aid to veterans of the US armed forces.

Linda is committed to serving those who have served our nation, and her position at the ABA is a powerful pulpit from which to affect change. Read the full story on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (subscription may be required).


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  1. Denise Donahue on August 11, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    Hello Linda – Just a quick note to wish you the best as you accept the Presidency of The American Bar Association next week.

    We are so proud to have had the pleasure of working with you, albeit, so many years ago now.
    Simone and I think the world of you and continue to be inspired by your fine work. You empower and energize us as professional women pushing hard to give birth to reforms by raising awareness and crafting practical solutions to threats that challenge our entire planet and all people.

    Proving success with measurable results, you encourage renewed commitment to so many critical issues. We appreciate the time, talent and genuine care you give and wanted to take this opportunity to express our **Thanks** !!

    Wishing you continued success, now more than ever, with your plans to support our Vets with meaningful legal aid.

    All The Best !!
    Denise Donahue and Simone du Boise


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