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Building research is a key piece of the Southface mission. Our engineers and design staff study appropriate technologies, building performance and occupant health and wellbeing. Our research programs keep us on the cutting edge of the sustainability movement and environmental thought leadership, and provide invaluable public-private partnership opportunities to connect federal and state funding with companies looking to enter a new market, test new products or find new applications for their technology within building systems.

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The Southface staff of engineers, energy researchers and building science experts is actively engaged in researching advanced building technologies. With nearly 40 years of applied building science experience, Southface specializes in bringing advanced building concepts to reality. Using cutting-edge simulation tools to model heat and moisture in buildings, our team can help you to accurately predict the real-life energy consumption of your buildings.

Many Southface research projects employ short-term and long-term monitoring to confirm and characterize building performance. In addition to monitoring building and system performance, we undertake an array of diagnostic tests on a wide variety of buildings as part of our field research work. Our data-based confirmation of theoretical predictions helps refine models and identify new technical advances that lead to more efficient buildings.

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Georgia Tech’s Living Building Reaches Milestone

The Living Building at Georgia Tech has reached a major milestone, with the approval of the schematic design. Approved by Georgia Tech’s Planning and Design Commission in December, the schematic design essentially provides a working blueprint for what is anticipated to be the most environmentally advanced research and educational building ever constructed in the Southeast.

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Living Building at Georgia Tech

Ideas Competition Reforms Architect Selection Process

It’s not often six architectural firms celebrate a contest most of them lost. On three occasions, the design finalists for the Living Building at Georgia Tech have done just that — together and in public.

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“Making A Difference” Towards a More Sustainable Future

“Making a Difference” and working towards a more sustainable future is core to who Southface is as an organization. So many of the programs and initiatives impact the lives and support the livelihoods of so many around the Southeast and across the U.S.

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