Home Energy Ratings


Through its Southface Energy Rated Homes (SERH) program, Southface is one of a handful of providers nationwide authorized to train and certify Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters and to verify their ratings.

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Equipment Rentals & Calibrations


Whether you are a seasoned home energy professional or new to the home performance industry, Southface offers an affordable rental option for your equipment needs. All rental kits include the necessary equipment needed to complete airflow testing on buildings and HVAC distribution systems.

Building Assessments


A building audit or assessment is an effective way to evaluate the source or sources of performance problems within a building, and determine the solutions that best address them. Southface has conducted thousands of assessments on single-family, multifamily, and commercial buildings. Learn more about Southface’s building assessments.

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Building Certifications


Southface has helped thousands of owners, builders and architects to navigate the building certification process for both regional and national green building programs. We also provide on-site technical assistance, including the physical inspections and verifications often needed for residential green building certifications. Learn more about building certification services.

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Building Research


The Southface staff of engineers, researchers and building science experts is actively engaged in researching advanced building technologies. Learn more about Southface’s research capabilities.

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