Affordable Housing


Southface is at the leading edge of bringing the many environmental, economic and health benefits of green building practices to affordable housing. Green building makes sense for affordable housing because it helps save money for those with the least to spare, and improves indoor air quality for those more at risk for respiratory ailments.

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The Southeast Region of BGCA has been selected to participate in the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Energy & Water Efficiency Program Pilot (BGCA EWEP) to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of high-impact energy and water efficiency improvements in club facilities. The program's ultimate goals are to reduce club utility expenses by 20 percent annually and to improve conditions in existing facilities, so they may be better used in support of BGCA's mission.

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Building America


Building America, a national research program led by the U.S. Department of Energy, works with industry research teams like Southface to develop and implement cost-effective strategies for energy-efficient residential buildings.

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Community Planning


The Sustainable Communities team at Southface works to promote sustainability beyond the scale of individual buildings. Whether your community is a small town, large city, university, nonprofit or neighborhood association, the Sustainable Communities team will work with you to educate, engage and implement appropriate sustainability solutions.

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Together with the Greater Atlanta HBA, Southface offers the regionally specific EarthCraft green building program to assist builders of homes, renovations, multifamily buildings, communities and light commercial facilities to save energy and water, meet strict indoor environmental quality standards and conserve natural resources.

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