Southface welcomes research proposals and inquiries from scientists and other researchers. The Eco Office is fully instrumented so that we can measure its performance on a 24/7 basis. This performance information is available online through a Lucid Design Group Building Dashboard®, which provides real-time and historical data on electricity consumption; daily kilowatt-hours of electricity produced onsite through the building’s solar photovoltaic array; daily gallons of rainwater captured, consumed and saved; current rainwater levels in the building’s cisterns; local weather conditions; and more. 

Want to learn more about the types of information the Eco Office generates? Looking for a project idea? Southface has assembled a set of research guidelines to help you get started! For more information about the data available, and to view suggested research topics, please click here.

To submit a research proposal and to obtain access to the Eco Office's historical performance data, please download this form.