Visionary Dinner Chefs

Local chefs collaborate to create a regionally sourced, organic and memorable wine-paired feast. This year has several new twists. The first and last courses are interactive stations to encourage networking. Second, in honor of Southface's new president, Andrea Pinabell, the celebrity chef panel is all women.

Take a look at the course introductions to see what you missed. As always, the Visionary Dinner is a culinary delight!

Lane Barton, <i> 
<br>Blondie's, <br>Visionary Dinner Alum</i><br><br><br>
Lane Barton,
Visionary Dinner Alum

About Chef Lane Barton

Lane Barton is a very talented chef, having studied culinary arts at the Art Institute in Chicago and working in restaurant kitchens from Chicago to Manhattan and Martha’s Vineyard. Lane, along with her husband Thaddeus, were chefs for The Farmhouse at Serenbe. Besides working on raising their second child, Lane is also hard at work on the launch of their restaurant in Palmetto, GA – Blondie’s. Lane will prepare the second course for the evening.

Maureen Beebe, <br><i> Michael A. Leven School of <br>Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality, <br>Kennesaw State University</i>
Maureen Beebe,
Michael A. Leven School of
Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality,
Kennesaw State University
About Chef Maureen Beebe

Maureen Beebe received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management at St. Catherine University and received her master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences at Oklahoma State University. Before becoming an instructor at Kennesaw State University, Beebee worked as a clinical dietician at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minnesota.

Denise Knapp, <br><i>Michael A. Leven School of <br>Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality, <br>Kennesaw State University</i>
Denise Knapp,
Michael A. Leven School of
Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality,
Kennesaw State University
About Chef Denise Knapp

Denise Knapp joined Kennesaw State University in 2013 as the sports dietitian for the Department of Athletics and also teaches nutrition in KSU’s Michael A. Leven School of Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality. Prior to working at KSU, Knapp was a graduate assistant in the Department of Nutritional Science at her alma mater, Oklahoma State University, where she received her master’s degree in Nutritional Science. She received her undergraduate degree in May of 2011 in dietetics from Kansas State University. Knapp is also a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

ALLEAN BROWN, <br><i>Zolene Gluten-free Delights</i><br><br><br>
Zolene Gluten-free Delights

About Chef Allean Brown

Allean Brown has been a fan, student and a member of Southface for quite a few years. Before starting her baking career, she was a design/construction program manager and builder with a background in architecture, biology, historic preservation and transportation planning. Now, Allean makes only the best brownies, blondies and brunch breads that happen to be Gluten-Free. She and her team start with a custom made flour: no wheat, barley, rye, spelt, dairy, soy, corn or rice – just a special blend of nutrient rich, gluten-free flours. A few of the best gluten-free desserts on the market are in order for the Visionary Dinner this year and will be served at interactive stations as the fifth course.

Jiyeon Lee, <i>Heirloom BBQ<br> Visionary Dinner Alum</i>
Jiyeon Lee, Heirloom BBQ
Visionary Dinner Alum
About Chef Jiyeon Lee

At an early age, Chef Jiyeon was a music sensation in her home country of South Korea, rising to a level of stardom that she never expected. After recording multiple hit albums, JiJi, as called by fellow chefs, decided to pursue a new direction that utilized her creative aspirations and desire to face new challenges. Cooking and learning Western food techniques provided this medium, and she applied this passion into traveling and working for the best restaurants and hotels she could find. A deep connection to new found flavors was formed, but her desire to bring the culture and heritage of Korea’s cuisine to the forefront of the gastronomical world only grew stronger. She will be providing this year’s third course with ingredients sourced from the Buford Farmers Market.

Megan McCarthy, <br><i>Healthy Eating 101</i>
Megan McCarthy,
Healthy Eating 101
About Chef Megan McCarthy

Megan McCarthy’s creative culinary experience and enthusiasm brings healthy food to life. She incorporates highly nutritious Superfoods into an everyday healthy eating lifestyle while putting you at ease in the kitchen. As the original healthy lifestyle advocate, spokesperson and chef, she is also the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Edible Garden Chef, creating culinary delights freshly harvested right out of the edible garden. She also teaches her original healthy cooking and lifestyle classes at Whole Foods Markets, The Cook’s Warehouse and Strippaggio in and around Atlanta. She will be one of the chefs preparing interactive appetizer stations for the first course.

Mary Moore, <i>Cook's Warehouse<br>Visionary Dinner Alum</i>
Mary Moore, Cook's Warehouse
Visionary Dinner Alum
About Chef Mary Moore

As founder and CEO of The Cook’s Warehouse, Mary Moore has combined her love of cooking and business. The Cook’s Warehouse is Atlanta’s premier gourmet store and cooking school with three locations: Midtown, Decatur and East Cobb. Moore opened the first The Cook’s Warehouse in Midtown on Amsterdam Avenue in 1995, and under her leadership, the business has expanded to include a cooking school with more than 600 classes taught annually by renowned chefs in three kitchens. Prior to opening The Cook’s Warehouse, Moore managed the kitchens and cooked at the award- winning Atlanta restaurants Partners Morningside Café and Indigo Coastal Grill. She then served as the director of research and development for Harry’s Farmers Market, which at the time was Atlanta’s largest and most prestigious gourmet and fresh food supplier. A long time chef at the Visionary Dinner, she will be curating the fourth course of locally purveyed cheeses.

Veronica Wandui, <br><i>St. Regis, Atlanta</i>
Veronica Wandui,
St. Regis, Atlanta
About Chef Veronica Wandui

Veronica “Chef V” knew she wanted to pursue a career as a chef ever since she was a child watching her mother create recipes. Chef V has worked her way from the kitchens of Africa and European hotels, to the American culinary industry. She now works at the St. Regis in Atlanta. Veronica will join Megan in creating the first course.

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