Greenprints Curriculum

Join us March 12-14, 2017

March 12, 2018
Evening Reception
Rhodes Hall , 1516 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Greenprints 20th Birthday Party

It’s time to say goodbye to our teenage years and usher in our 20th Greenprints anniversary. Join us as we celebrate turning the big 2-0 and kick off another year of learning and growing. If you are interested in just joining us for the big bday celebration sign up here

March 13, 2018
Day One
GSU Student Center

SESSION 1: Evolution of Market Transformation

What does it take for businesses to lead market transformation and build a regenerative economy? The narrative has often focused on energy efficiency and resource use but leaders in the space have realized that the narrative must shift to cover a more holistic vision of a regenerative economy. Hear from leaders who have had their a-ha moment and shifted their business model to adapt to capture value in the circular economy. We will explore some of the following questions including: What does a regenerative corporation look like? How do new production models integrate “waste” elements as resource streams? How do businesses drive toward circular economics and position themselves for a vibrant future?

SESSION 2: We've Always Had the Answer – finding New Inspiration for Reducing Carbon

Nothing has dominated the sustainability spotlight quite like greenhouse gas reduction, and there is an ever growing list of practices and behaviors to implement in a carbon reduction program. Hear from experts in the field who are finding new inspiration in tried and true methods like solar power, green roofs and composting, and leading-edge innovators creating the next generation of tools and techniques to generate resilience.

SESSION 3: From Affordable Housing to Affordable Living

Affordable housing has long been defined as rental or mortgage rates that do not make up more than 30 percent of individual or family income. Increasingly, leading advocates for community placemaking challenge the notion that housing costs are the only consideration for families’ capacity to live and thrive. The reality of transportation, healthcare, food and utility costs can easily outweigh accessible rental rates. This Greenprints session will examine the true cost of living and challenges to thriving in communities despite the mechanisms designed to prevent these challenges. Reimagine affordable housing models that allow families to contribute fully to local economies, build financial security and become part of a vibrant local neighborhood.

March 14, 2018
Day Two
GSU Student Center

Design Sprint - A Practical Application

Solve big problems and develop a vision for a community that builds on the concepts of a regenerative economy, responsible resource use and social equity through a healthy built environment for all. Our sprint is designed to provide you with opportunities to challenge your thinking and develop solutions to take back to your own community. During our design sprint, you’ll build on our learnings from day 1 and explore how you might approach


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