LISA BIANCHI-FOSSATI, <i>Director <br>Policy & Systems Technology</i>
Policy & Systems Technology
About Lisa

Lisa promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions with legislatures and utility commissions. She is also developing an expanded agenda on policy matters, including energy codes, green infrastructure and sustainable development strategies in Georgia and the Southeast.

SHAN ARORA, <i>Program Manager<br>Policy & Systems Technology</i>
SHAN ARORA, Program Manager
Policy & Systems Technology
About Shan

Shan coordinates policy activities across Southface. He is the Project Manager for, Southface’s initiative to deliver unique maps, charts, and tables that allow users to easily understand Georgia’s energy consumption, electricity generation and solar assets. Shan also manages Southface’s Clean Energy Industry Census project to quantify the economic benefits of Georgia’s clean energy sector. He is working with our partners in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to build upon the Census and create a four-state Clean Energy Roadmap that will provide guidance on how to grow the region’s clean energy industry.

KEVIN KELLY,<i> Independent Advisor<br>Policy</i>
KEVIN KELLY, Independent Advisor
About Kevin

Kevin is a partner with Kirkwood & Kelly Consulting. He assists Southface with energy policy analysis and development. Kevin’s focus areas include promoting clean energy solutions to meet environmental regulations, advocating for responsible resource use and advancing energy equity.

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